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The Child Dignity Foundation (CDF) is a child protection, development and advocacy organization that is committed to the total well being of children especially those from disadvantaged backgrounds.

The foundation is registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission in Nigeria as a charity and has a vision of protecting and restoring the dignity of the child.


Three of the fundamental objectives of CDF is to protect the child from physical violence in the form of sexual abuse/defilement  and degradation from socially aggressive offenders in the society; advocate and defending  the rights of the child through adequate education and public enlightenment  campaigns, creating awareness  and rehabilitating children and young persons that have undergone any form of abuse in the society.

CDF believes that every child deserves to be respected and protected from diverse social dangers regardless of race, colour, gender, language, religion, opinions, origins, wealth, birth status or ability as enshrined in the Convention on the Rights of the Child. The foundation  aim to affect the child positively and guides them through the path to achievement, fulfillment and happiness regardless of the socio-economic situation of the family.

CDF came into being as a result of the escalating and reoccurring cases of  abuses recorded in the Nigeria society  which at times went unreported  or not given adequate measure of attention as it should get. The foundation started with raising awareness about the issue of child abuse within the society with particular  emphasis on sexual abuse of children where young innocent children, teenagers and young people become victims of  the silent crime that many tend to hide rather than seek for justice.

In 2010, the case of a four year old girl child that was defiled by her supposed uncle became the catalyst that set this organization in motion to provide justice for the victim while making sure the offender faced the full wrath of the law.

CDF did not stop at only ensuring that justice was served but went ahead to investigate and documenting other cases involving sexual abuses of young children in all the six geo-political zones of Nigeria with a view of finding a lasting solution to cases of child defilement in the country.

Working in partnership with law enforcement, legal agencies and human right groups, CDF started providing legal assistance to victims of such abuses as well opting to rehabilitate some of the victims that had undergone psychological trauma with counselling sessions and medical interventions.

In order to tackle the persisting crime head on, CDF embarked on a sensitization campaign and raised awareness by organizing protest marches to legislative, executive and judiciary arms of government calling for stiffer penalties to sexual offenders.

With a view to reaching the greater society and exposing some of the factors militating against the unusual prosecution of sexual offenders which should serve as deterrent , CDF commenced the production of a documentary which highlights many cases involving sexual abuse victims and the impact the crime has on the family, the well being of the child and the society in general. Also, the documentary also sheds light on some of the judiciary bottlenecks encountered during the prosecution of suspected offenders and the roles played by unscrupulous individuals who try to avert justice.

CDF has also within a year of its existence offered rehabilitation to four sexually abused victims by making available the provision of medical intervention, education and counselling  to the families of such victims as well as has initiated a coalition of human rights organizations to fight the unwholesome crime.

Till date, CDF is involved in over 16 cases of child defilement in four states of the federation and has constantly supported the families of the victims financially, emotionally and legally.

Working with a dedicated staff made up mainly by volunteers, journalists, lawyers and law enforcement agents, CDF’s Executive Director, Mrs. Amaka Awogu has taken the fight against child defilement to a new level where justice is sought and advocacy is encouraged. CDF is successfully building a network through the media, social networks, human right groups, religious organisations, educational institutions and the corporate society to tackle the crime of child defilement and abuse.